Funny At The Fringe – COMEDY FOCUS – Tom Houghton: The Honourable

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.19.03Name Of Show: Tom Houghton: The Honourable

Time: 20:10

Date:  August 1st-26th

Location: Pleasance Courtyard  (Venue 33 )

Price: £8+

About: Last year he did his first debut show at The Edinburgh Fringe as a stand up comedian and this year he returns again with his second show – The Honourable Tom. This is a comedian that you need to keep an eye on because in the past year he has already been turning heads due to his unique stand up comedy routine and things are only about to get better. Meet Tom, who has just been made The Honourable but not by own achievements – instead its due to the fact that is father is ex-Chief of Defence Staff and current Constable of the Tower of London. Join Tom as he ventures into the world of how this new title has had an effect on him plus many more. Last year he was a sell out and this year is set to be the same so buy your tickets fast!

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