Improv Corner – It Is All In The Name…

Finding a name for your improv troupe can be the HARDEST thing in the world to do – you want it to be something that is catchy but also unique and also something that may even echo improv or the style of improv you do. I have technically been behind the founding of two improv groups – one all girl improv troupe in Newcastle that never hit the ground running due to peoples work commitments and Punderstandably – both times the name has been one of the hardest things to come up with.

There isn’t any right or wrong way to come up with a name – so many things can inspire you to create the name whether its expected or completely out of the blue – I have experienced both of these. With the group up in Newcastle, we wrote a huge huge list of names and then voted on one we liked the best. With Punders it was a running joke that turned into a name. We used to play the alphabet game to warm up and none of us could ever think of a word for U and always ended up with Understandably and it happened so often that it became a huge joke and we added a P and Punderstandably was born.

I cannot give you loads of advice as to what is the best way to create a name but I will say try lots of different ways to explore finding a name but DO NOT STRESS. It will come naturally and you will find one eventually because you will need it for shows. There are loads of ways of forming it. Whether its your format name / style (be careful as that as then you may not be able to change formats easily) or a game of mind meld and blending two words together. Never fear, you will find your way! There are always name generators online too but where is the fun in that 😉


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