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The Travel Book – Madison Square Gardens, New York City

I have been to quite a few concerts in America and the one thing that they can do well is have a great venue with really good acoustics for a show. The venue I want to talk to you about today is the first arena I went to in America and really stood out to me as much as it does when you talk about such an iconic place – today we talk about the magical Madison Square Gardens in New York City.

Madison Square Gardens is the home of everything from the New York Rangers to some of the biggest concerts that have happened in the States. It was opened in 1968 and to date is the oldest major sporting facility in the New York Metropolitan area. In 2016, it was also recorded as the second busiest music arena in the world. The capacity of the arena can hold a number of audience sizes depending on what is on. For example just over 18,000 for Ice Hockey, 19,800 for Basketball and 20,000 for concerts just to name a few.


I went to Madison Square Gardens for a Lady GaGa Concert in 2010 and I couldn’t get over just how big the arena was and the fact that this was a GaGa concert it was filled with an array of people in so many different outfits! When you see Madison Square Gardens on television there is always a celebrity in the audience and I thought that was just a myth but this was the case when I was there too. Sitting opposite us at the other side of the arena was non other then Donald Trump… back then he was similar to Alan Sugar..not a president obviously….


The people standing up near the seats on of them is Donald Trump

I loved MSG and I really want to go back and see a show there and not only that but I love ice hockey and really want to see the Rangers on their home turf (last time I Saw them was in Tampa).

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