Travel vs The Comedian – Brazil with Michael Palin

If there is one thing that Michael Palin can do well then it is a good travel documentary and when he visited Brazil he left no stone upturned and really brought  show to air that really delves into the country.

The four part series for BBC One aired between October and November in 2012 and saw Michael head to Brazil for the first time in his life to explore a country which had entered the world of being a booming economy and what effect it has had on the fifth biggest country in the world.

In each episode Palin explores a different aspect of Brazil starting with the strong history origins that occurred in the Northeast and visits the renowned festival of Bumba Meu Boi as well as visiting Recife and Salvador.

In episode two he heads into the Amazon and learns more about the hunter gatherer way of life, heading to areas such as Manaus, Fordlandia and Xingu River.

In episode three he looks at the world of Rio and how it was preparing for hosting the World Cup and the Olympics. He visits some of his best locations in the city. The final episode heads to the deep south and explores areas such as Pantanal and Blumenau.

Just like a lot of Michael Palins television shows, the documentary run alongside a book as well that was published at the same time.


This is the last Travel vs The Comedian for the time being but it will return near the end of the year 

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