The Games That Time Forgot – Pizza Dude, PC Game

Sometimes the simplest idea for a game can mean that it can become one of the most addictive things on the planet – then there are the games that have the simple concept but just don’t hit the mark – not just because of the game play but because people find the faces of the characters ‘ugly’ – welcome to the world of Pizza Dude.

The game Pizza Dude was developed by Team 6 Games Studios and published by Frogster Interactive Pictures. It was released for Windows PC in 2005 and was about the world of delivering pizza. You get to choose to whether to be a Pizza dude or a Pizza Girl and then you just make and deliver pizzas.

When you get to a location to deliver the pizza you cannot just give it to the person at the door, instead you have to compete against a number of different obstacles such as dogs to get to the door. Throughout the main part of the gameplay you are actually driving.

So why did this simple concept for a game receive so much criticism? Well for starters it could be pretty unreliable and crash on a number of different computers. There were a lot of bugs in the whole of the game and people had a real issue in the way that the characters looked because they didn’t look realistic and slightly deformed. People didn’t like the fact that there was no other people on the streets when you drove through them either which made it very lifeless.

I dont usually post other peoples reviews on here but I wanted to show you just how bad this game actually is – the game play is difficult and the graphics are quite hard to watch. I personally have an issue with the size of human to car proportions – watch for yourself!

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