Off The Record – Demi Lovato

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about a solo artist that started her career in Disney and is due to tour the UK and wow audiences – Demi Lovato

Trainwreck – Don’t Forget album

This is a very fun pop song which you can tell straight away has been released on a young Demi Lovato album because you can hear the youth in her voice. It’s a fun pop song with a piano creating most of the melody which can make some of the best music of this genre. The lyrics are fun but yet again the information put across in the song is evident that it’s from a very young Disney-esque Demi.

Party – Don’t Forget album

This is a very good song and really highlights the style in which really suits Demi’s voice (check out her collaboration with Fall Out Boy) this is a rock style pop song and it really works well – it is catchy fun and a sort of summer tune.

Got Dynamite – Here We Go again album

This is a good song because even though it is pop it is sort of maturing the sound into a melody that really goes with Demi’s voice. Got Dynamite is a really good song as it has heavy guitars intertwined with melodic acoustics. The lyrics are a lot more mature then the first album which really goes well.

World Of Chances – Here We Go Again album

This is a slower song on the album and it is really pretty. The acoustic guitars really go well with Demi’s voice and is one of those songs you shouldn’t ignore as the lyrics are uplifting.

All Night Long feat Timbaland and Missy Elliott – Unbroken album

I found it very surprising when I read this song wasn’t a single as it is very addictive and also very good. So good in fact that i added it to my own regular playlists. It has a really addictive beat throughout that makes it an absolute cracker of an opening song of an album. It is a very good song with a much more mature sound with a very clear Timbaland sound to it.

Who’s that Boy feat Dev – Unbroken album

Another song another featured artist and yet again another album track. This song has a real summer feel about it and a real feel good vibe with it. The drums really make this song as great as it is.

Together feat Jason Derulo – Unbroken album

The good thing about having a lot of album tracks with guest appearances mean that it is an easy way to potentially get into an artist you may not of thought of listening to before. This song has a feel good vibe to it with very positive outlook on life lyrics which make it a stand out track.

Fire Starter – Demi album

This is a fun album track that has a really good beat and brings a sense of summer with it. This song has an element of a dance track to it which intertwines wonderfully with the simple but effective lyrics

Give Your Heart A Break – Demi album

The thing that makes this song stand out right at the get go is the strings that produce a really significant and fun melody. This is a great little tune and is pretty catchy as well as complimenting Demi’s strong voice.

Old Ways – Confident album

This whole album has a much more mature and grown up feel about it that the songs sort of ooze with I suppose you could call it sexiness. When I say that I don’t mean really the lyrics I also mean the music the melodies have a real sense of spice to them

Lionheart – Demi album

This is a slower song on the album but is one that should not be ignored as it really highlights the power and beauty of Demi’s voice. She reaches some really powerful notes in this song and is a delight for the ears to hear.

Sexy Dirty Love – Tell Me You Love Me album

When Demi does new albums she hits them out the park the more she releases. This track is a really good feel good album track and again is a great song that really both highlights and compliments Demi’s voice.

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