Travel vs The Comedian – Almost Royal

Today we look at a television show that has recently been added to Netflix and was a show produced for BBC America. Whilst it is a faux-reality television series, it still is based around the world of travel and features comedians so it is only right that we mention it in this theme of articles – today we look at the world of – Almost Royal. 

The show follows to fake characters Georgie and Poppy, played by Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart, whose fathers dying wish for the two British Aristocrats is to travel to the United States of America, a country that he loved. In every episode there is a running joke about how far in line away they are from inheriting the throne and it changes episode by episode to a different number that it always more then 50 places away.

Even though the narrative and characters are created, they still try and lead it like a reality show. In each episode they go to a different part of America and try out new things that they deem to be ‘American’. Some of the activities they get up to include Shooting guns, meeting a Barista, making a Twitter account and working at a car repair shop. The show had two seasons and visited a number of places including Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Washington DC.

The show received a lot of positive reviews on it initial release and was praised for its writing and the actors deadpan improvisational skills. As well as airing on BBC America, it also aired on E4 in the UK as well.

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