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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Howie D

Now, on forgotten pop we have in the past looked at the solo careers from some of the guys from the American Boy Band Backstreet Boys, however there are a couple we haven’t had a chance to look at yet. So today we are going to look at the solo career of Howie Dorough, which most of you will know as Howie D.

Whilst Howie D as worked as a producer on a variety of songs, he also released an album in 2011 called Back To Me. The album was released in November under the record labels Avex Group and HowieDolt Music following the hiatus of the Backstreet Boys that happened in 2002.

When he first started working on the album he was aiming to make it very different to the sound of anything that he did with the band so he was going to make it have a latin sound and recorded eight demo tracks – however, when then band reformed in 2004 he pushed it aside. Due to the bands heavy schedule he didn’t actually get a time to properly commit to it until 2010. Howie was signed to the same record label as AJ as they were impressed how his solo music had gone.

When he went into the studio this time, he changed the genre to Dance instead this meant reworking the lyrics so that they appealed to a new audience and worked with the new rhythms. There were only three songs released off the album, which was called Back to Me. The singles were called 100, Lie To Me and Going Going Gone.

The album was released in both the USA and Japan but only charted in the latter at peak position 56. Howie D has not recorded any more solo albums, however lets spend today looking at his solo music projects.


Lie To Me

Going Going Gone

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