The Travel Book

The Travel Book – The Fun With Signs

I love travelling, i love going to different countries or cities and exploring all of the sites and walking for miles and miles. However, there is one thing that i absolutely adore about travelling because it doesn’t just amuse me it also makes me love the imagination of people around the world – and that is the Road sign. From America, To London, To Norway, to Italy – I have seen some great signs along the way and I have spent a lot of time taking photos of them. So here is a few of my favourites.

Geneva, Switzerland

img_2096I came across this sign outside of a Botanical Garden in Geneva and as soon as I saw it, I really liked it as it made me laugh as it gets a point across very simply but in very fun illustrations.

I really like the sneaky man stealing a plant especially because he has been drawn in such a way that is fun but also childlike to get the point across.

Bilbao, Spain

I came across this road sign at a bridge in Bilbao where part of it moves across the water on a pully system. This sign is obviously very simply demonstrating that if you drive off without the Bridge there then you will fall in the water. I really like this sign though because even though it is to the point, it still made me giggle every time.




When I was visiting my Friend in Slovenia, we went to a restaurant that was part of a castle. When i went to the toilet, I came across this sign saying in Slovenian, English and German to ‘Always Be a Lady. Thank you.’

This made me laugh as to what it translated into when you put it in English. It was obviously there to make sure that women are clean and tidy when using the toilet but it made me laugh the way that it was worded.

St. Gallen, Switzerland


When I went to St. Gallen in December 2014, it was very snowy and there was a cathedral that had a lot of snow on it’s slanted roof and they put these signs up so that people would not go that near to where the snow was falling. The thing I liked about this sign was that it was so dramatic using the word Roof Avalanche and it always stuck out in my mind.


Tampa, Florida, United States of America


When I went to Florida, I was welcomed by lots of entertaining signs in lots of different areas. The one place I loved the signs was the Aquarium because they had a lot of fun with them.

They were obviously there to promote a important notice about safety but as the one on the side shows they are very funny. img_2101

Another sign post I came across was in Downtown Tampa was this yellow diamond sign with the stick man with a suitcase. This was near the cruise port so it was obvious relevant to that but there are so many reasons why I love this sign.

The person isn’t carrying the bag they are in fact pulling it along on a string and the bag is floating in the air – that is why i love it – it is so silly.


Geiranger, Norway

The one thing that I really liked about Norway was not just the breathtaking views and Fjords but the amazing sign posts that they have placed around the countryside in particular. This sign post that is pictured above is to this day still one of my favourite sign posts I have seen abroad.

The sign post is obviously to warn people that the waterfall is dangerous and that if you are not careful you could fall in. There is no words saying this, just a sign with this man falling and that is why I love it – it’s important but also very funny.

Florence, Italy

img_2102Another place that is great for sign posts is Florence – when I was here I saw so many different sign posts that I ended up loving that I took a lot of photographs of sign posts when I was there.

The thing that I like about the sign posts in Florence is that they are not sign posts created they are original and well not road signs that someone has gone along to and created a lot of artistic impressions on them to make it something new. Here are a few of my favourites.


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