Welcome to The Phoenix Remix – we are an entertainment website that is about all things comedy, television, music, film and everything in between.

Here at The PR, we love everything funny! We thrive on comedy and love to laugh out loud so we are always writing about the stand up scene, new up and coming acts, comedy shows that you need to know about and even creative writing!

Meet the Team


HOLLY – EDITOR / COMEDY WRITER: The Editor of the Phoenix Remix and a lover of all things comedy. Holly eats, sleeps, dreams and breaths comedy and it is like the blood pumping through her veins.


DAVID ESCOBEDO – IMPROV GURU: David is known on the improv scene as being a bit of a knowledge guru so we are super excited that we have him as a writer. Ever so often, he will be writing Tidbits of infomation to help you with your improv development.

sturike comedy bobby anderson

BOBBY ANDERSON- STURIKE COMEDY: Bobby Anderson is an improviser based in Sheffield. He co-runs both Stürike Comedy and the Sheffield Improv Jam, and is part of twoprov Joined at the Quip. he teaches regularly with the British Improv Project and has worked with The Same Faces, Cambridge Impronauts and Work in Progress. His improv leans towards character-driven scenes and story, though no one can avoid a good pun when it presents itself

Bristol Improv Theatre

BRISTOL IMPROV THEATRE – SHOW REPORTER: Luke is part of the Bristol Improv Theatre and from time to time will write articles to give you the readers insight into what is happening in the South West.

BOARD RATHER THAN BORED – BOARD GAME REVIEWER – a writer and improviser who lives in London, have a board game you want reviewed drop us an email at boardnotbored@excite.com


JAMES WALSH – James is a writer, editor and catsitter who lives in London. He co-produces Next Level Sketch Comedy’s monthly show at Hoopla, and presents the Ace Doctor Who Podcast

If you have a show you want reviewed, or an interview to promote your act then please get in contact via phoenixremixcomedy@gmail.com 

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  1. Hi, regarding your tweet about Camden Fringe, myself and two other comics will be splitting an hour at The Albany across 4 nights (Aug 11th-14th at 9pm every night). We would be very interested in getting reviewed if this is possible.


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