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The Travel Book – Why You Need The Seatfrog App…

On Black Friday, i used the sale on Virgin East Coast to buy tickets up to Newcastle for a fleeting visit in February of this year. Due to the fact they were quite cheap I decided to buy tickets in the quiet second in second class. When the day drew nearer, i realised that I really didn’t want to sit in Second Class – I regretted not upgrading to First – the extra legroom! The free food and drink! the unlimited Internet! What had I done? Why was I the idiot that didn’t pay that little bit more to upgrade? I started looking into how much it was to upgrade on a week day and the prices were ridiculous – so much so I didn’t want to pay for it. Then I came across a newspaper article online that pretty much saved my dreams of a luxury three hour journey shattering.

Seatfrog. That was the name that flashed across my screen and made me wish that the whole year I lived in the North East that this app was available as it would of made my life a million times easiier and if i am honest, cheaper.

So what is Seatfrog?

Seatfrog is an app that allows you to bid for an upgrade and get exclusive access to last minute premium seats on trains that you already have seats booked on. Now, even though I have degree Interactive Media, I am still very wary about downloading new apps and trying them out (even with things like Facebook, I was a good 2 years behind everyone else before i joined.) I always like to do my research and read reviews before downloading anything new, especially if it entails to me adding card details and personal information to it. After a lot of extensive research, I decided to download it and give it a try.

When you download the app the thing you need to do is add your booking reference – upgrades will not become available until approx 2 hours before your train – the app sends you a notification to let you know that you can now bid for seats. When the time opens you can then bid on seats that are available. You only pay for the seat when you win.

When I used it, it was so easy I didn’t even feel like I was bidding.I got a notification to tell me the bidding had opened and then I said i wanted to pay fifteen pound ( I could of gone lower but I thought it was going to be a serious bidding war and wanted a first class seat so badly) and i won it straight away. Whilst the app seems to be only available on Virgin East Coast trains at the moment, I really reccomend downloading it if you have to use them at any time in the future. I have only used it once so I do not know what it is like on a regular basis but I think it is a great idea especially for that route as it has seats that are really pricey. It does not work on the weekend though because Virgin East Coast charge less for their seats and have a weekend upgrade special.

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