Travel Vs The Comedian – Full Circle With Michael Palin

Now if there is one comedian that we haven’t spoken about the whole time that we have been doing this feature then it is one of the most renowned ones for doing some of the best travel shows and that is none other then the king himself Michael Palin. He has a huge extensive back catalogue of travel shows that we haven’t even began to touch the surface of so today we are going to dip in a toe and dive right in starting with the third series of programmes in which he did which was broadcast in the late nineties – Full Circle with Michael Palin.

The documentary was a ten part series each running for 50 minutes which aired on the BBC. The show focusses on a 10month adventure of over 50,000 miles around the rim of the Pacific Ocean in 1995 and 1996 by Michael Palin and a film crew. In the the show they visit and travel through a number of counties including Russia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Bolivia, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Canada, just to name a few.

They started their journey on the Diemede Islands that is between Alaska and Russia and they were planning to end the trip their after an anti-clockwise adventure, however, due to bad weather they were unable to actually return to the island. Michael got only two miles from completing the whole circular journey when they had to cancel the last of their travel.

The show received a highly positive review and critics even recommended that people bought the book that went along with it for all the fantastic extra information it has as well as impressive photography. The book was released the same time as the show and was a large coffee table style book printed on glossy paper.

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