Comedy Book Corner- Peggy and Me, Miranda Hart

It’s not everyday you pick up a book by a comedian and it’s all about their furry little friend and their life of mini adventures, however a lot of comedians are not Miranda Hart. If you are going to have a book about the silly adventures that all happened by accident then Miranda is the name you would instantly associate it with.

Miranda never meant to be a dog owner but when a puppy she plays with in the costume department of Not Going Out new owner falls through – things change completely by accident. This is the story of a person who wasn’t ready to be a dog owner dealing with being a well, dog owner and all the things that come with it.

If you are a fan of Miranda Harts comedy then this book will be a pleasant read as there are many stories that take place in her real like because of the dog that you can imagine happening in her sitcom.

If you haven’t heard of Miranda Hart but fancy a light and jolly read then this is a book that you will enjoy. It’s full of fun and little funny moments that will make you chuckle.

In true Miranda fashion she does not write this book by herself, no, in fact part of it is ‘written’ by her dog Peggy. If this sounds a bit silly for you (I personally found it a bit silly to read) you can ignore the parts that Peggy writes and it still makes complete sense and flows normally.

So if you want a book that is uplifting and something a bit fun, then definitely give this book a chance.

Readability Rating – 7.5/10

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