Nostalgic Nineties

Nostalgic Nineties – Talkboy

I was born at the end of the eighties, so I spent a lot of the nineties as a kid and growing up – this means that whilst I have memories of this time they are probably not as strong as the noughties. So in this brand new feature I thought each week we will look at a different toy, trend, or object that was big in the nineties to take a walk down memory lane. Everything these days is all about technology and computers – so I want to explore the stuff that was around that wasn’t all reliant on the technology. So welcome to a new weekly feature where Saturdays just got Nostalgic!

Today we talk about a recording gadget that became popular because of the film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and was actually originally created for the film as a working prop – The Talkboy.

The original nineties model was battery powered and what you could do was record your voice and then reply  it in either a sped up version that would make your sound of your voice higher or slower so that your voice would sound lower.

The product was very popular due to the film tie in and a number of different varieties were released including versions called Talkgirl, Deluxe Talkboy, Talkboy FX PLus, Talkboy Junior etc. The only difference between the Talkboy and Talkgirl was the colour – the female version was pink.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 14.31.13

Similar to the one i had

I had a Tarlkgirl in the latter part of the nineties (or it could of been the 2000s) and remember it was fun to record your voice and then hear it back in a different tempo and I remember using it in high school assemblys (which makes me think i had one in the 2000s as i went to high school from 2000 – 2005. They were good fun but I don’t remember a lot about using it, only that it was easy to use and fun to play with when I had a chance.

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