Lost In Music – A Song That Reminds You of An Ex

Welcome to this Months feature! Now, January is a time when it is the start of something new and everything fresh! With that means that people are always on the lookout for new music! Well, this feature may not bring you a lot of new music but it will welcome you into my world! Music is a huge part of my life – if i am not listening to it, i am playing my guitar or keyboard or even writing a post for this site (Off The Record).

So to start off 2018 I wanted to write about a topic I love and I came across this daily challenge so I thought why not turn it into an article! So here we go! Lets start this monthly feature – Lost in Music (You probably have that song stuck in your head now its by Sister Sledge)

Lost In Music – A Song that Reminds You Of An Ex: Karma Chameleon – Me First and The Gimme Gimme Gimmes

Breaking up with anyone is hard to do and whilst sometimes its the best thing to do, it also hurts whatever. Another thing I hate about breaking up with someone is that the music that you shared a like for or was introduced to and end up liking gets tarnished and you can’t listen to it for a while after.

There was one guy that was a seeing for a short time and whilst it didn’t lead to anything serious, it didn’t end the greatest of ways so it was one of those times where you don’t want to do anything related to them. Even though it was for a short period of time, in that time he did introduce me to a lot of new music as we were both into a lot of the same sort of genres and this is one band that he introduced me to, Me First and The Gimme Gimme Gimmes. I really liked the way they took really classic pop songs and put a punk rock twist on them.

When things finished with the guy, I stopped listening to them for a while because everytime I did they made me angry more then upset more for the fact I had wasted time seeing this person. Anyway, back to the point, i eventually went back to listening to these guys but ever so often the distant memory of that guy appears in my head and i sort of think ‘stupid Holly for wasting time on him’ but also ‘thanks for the music’.


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