INTERVIEW: Ones to Watch in 2018 – Mariana Feijó

With the new year among us here at The Phoenix Remix we like to introduce you to acts that you must watch in 2018. Today our regular writer returns to the hot seat! She is part of many improv groups such as 20% Less and Talking Dog, and this year she is taking to the stage as a solo act to perform lots of stand up comedy!


Hello! So how has 2017 been for you Mariana?

It’s been a great year for work! I’ve finally decided to identify myself as a comedian and am taking full advantage of it and working more than ever!

What’s been some of the highlights of your show for 2017?

Besides everything where I’m also behind the scenes doing all sorts of admin and where I love taking that bit of stage time I save for myself and the teams I am in, playing at Funny Women’s Heat Awards was pretty cool. Playing an all female line-up I didn’t set up and going up first in the running order allowed me to just sit back and enjoy the show.

What have been some of your favourite shows by other acts for this year and why?

Alice Sanders did a very funny set at a Word of Muff. Bisha K. Ali and Kemah Breon Bob are both very funny! Gráinne Maguire is both very funny and very kind and supportive! Kristina Pui, Sukh Kaur Ojla and Thanyia Moore all shared a line-up with me and I found them very funny! Gemma Harrowsmith’s Earthling at the Vaults Festival was great! I caught Aparna Nancherla, Natalie Palamides and Hari Kondabolu at The Soho Theatre and loved them both! Had the chance to see 2 new shows from Daniel Kitson and he’s still one of my favourites! Chris Gethard’s Career Suicide is one of my favourite shows ever. I could keep on going, but this is already a very long answer.

What are the plans for your stand up in 2018?

Write more. Do more shows. Sharpen my material.

If you’re a promoter and are reading this, I have many free dates in my diary!

What does the year of 2018 hold for comedy as a whole what do you think will be big changes that will alter comedy for 2019?

Increased diversity and representation is what I hope changes in comedy. The sooner, the better! I want to hear more voices with interesting stories!


* What’s your New Years resolution for 2018?

More stage time, more stage time!

* What acts are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Hannah Gadsby and Maria Bamford.

* Who would you like to perform with at a show this year and why?

Stand-up is my chance to go out by myself. I want to keep on sharing stages with diverse line-ups and being challenged and surprised by my peers.

* In three words what do you wish 2018 does for you?

Material in excess!

* Where do you see your show in a years time?

The objective is that highly sought after hour long show that I hope to be ready for soon!

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