The Travel Book

The Travel Book – The Crowne Plaza, Geneva, Switzerland

Are you heading to Geneva for a short break anytime soon then there is a hotel near the airport that you should consider for your next stay – The Crowne Plaza. The  hotel is literally a 5 minute hotel shuttle ride away and within walking distance if you really wanted to walk it. The Crown Plaza is in a really great location both for the airport and city centre.

The hotel itself is a very nice play to stay – you are welcomed by a very friendly members of staff on reception whether there is a cosy seating area and a bar just off of it. Whilst the hotel has many floors, it is quiet and peaceful place to stay with cosy rooms offering very comfortable beds, a good shower and a nice living arrangement for your time there. The hotel also ha a variety of services including a gym and a restaurant.

There is a bus stop just outside of the hotel with a bus service that is frequent and will lead you straight into the town centre and there is also a very reliable hotel shuttle to the airport as well which has access to the train station with services going all around the Swiss landscape. If you are wanting a good place to shop there is a massive shopping centre withing walking distance (or two / three stops on the bus) that is home to the countries biggest stores and has everything you would want to buy gifts of things to treat yourself.

The Crowne Plaza is definitely a place you should consider staying the next time you are in Switzerland’s beautiful city of Geneva because it is so convenient that you will be relaxed and calm just how easy everything is.

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