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Forgotten Songs of 2017

Every year there are a handful of songs that fly into the music charts and are either not successful or they are songs that in a year or two they will be completely forgotten about. For this list, I have read many articles and taken these from the major consensus of songs that people feel are forgettable. So lets have a look at this years Forgotten Songs.

Katy Price – I Got You

Did you know that Katy Price released a song this year? Well, neither did I until I saw her performing it on a television re-run at work the other day. The song which was titled I Got You is her first return to music in 7 years and was released at the end of June this year. It was written by former X Factor finalist Craig Colton. I haven’t been able to find any information in regards to if it reached the charts but many articles about her performing it live and people complaining about it.

 Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro 

You may recognise this name from Youtube or the Disney Channels Bizaardvark, if not then you may recognise the song the twenty year old released this year. The song featured Team Ten and didn’t do very well in the US Charts – it only reached 91!

Iggy Azaela -Mo Bounce 

Iggy may be known for some catchy hits and her unique sound but this song does not reach the same level of what you may be used to. This song did not do very well worldwide – it only reached chart position 53 in the UK, 63 in Australia and 137 in France. It did reach number 2 in the USA R&B chart however it also received a lot of negative reviews.

Katy Perry – Bon Appetit

Katy Perry returned this year with an album that had a few very catchy songs off of it, however no matter how ‘creative’ the video may be, this song is not one of the success stories. It was criticised for having too many sexual innuendos in it for her target audience as well as being an unsatisfying song to listen to. Perrys songs usually hit the top of the charts when she releases a single, however this one only reached 37 in the UK singles chart, 59 in the US billboard and 35 in Australia.


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