Comedian of the Year: John Robins

What a year it has been for comedian John Robins! He started off the year on a radio show feeling down and filled with sadness about his recent break up with long term partner Sarah Pascoe and then managed to completely flip it around to be a record breaker, interview one of his heroes and even win the Edinburgh Fringe Festival show of the year!

Yes this year has been a fantastic one for the comedian from Bristol. Lets first have a look at what he has achieved in his work in Radio. He has been hosting a very popular radio show with his best friend Elis James on Radio X since the beginning of 2014. This year, the show won a Chortle Award and in May it even became a record breaker for having over 12 million plus downloads for the podcast. On top of all of that, they have presented Johnny Vaughans radio show when he is away AND John even got to meet and interview a member of his all time favourite band, Queen (Brian May).

In August of this year, John Robins was one of the first ever joint winners (the other being Hanna Gadsby) to be awarded the Edinburgh Comedy Award for his Show The Darkness of Robins. The show explores areas of his personal life after the break up with fellow comedian Sara Pascoe. It was the first time he was ever nominated for an award.

Next year is setting itself up to be a great one for Robins as well as he has already announced a tour and I am sure there will be more on the way. There is constant jokes on the Elis James and John Robins Radio show over the years that John doesn’t get as much air time on television as Elis but I think it’s safe to say that he is about to become a household name. Listeners of the show also will be aware of his autobiography A Robin Amongst the Pigeons which was a parody of legendary Radio Host Tony Blackburn abotu his own life, this may not be a distant dream anymore with such great things haoppening to John, the best is most certainly left to come.

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