24 Days of Christmas – Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?

This question probably seems a bit random to a lot of people in the UK because Egg Nog really isn’t something that we get a lot over here – however, i have experiences of Egg Nog in the USA with my travels so will talk about this a bit.

When I went to Chicago for Christmas in 2011 we went over to our landlords house on Christmas Day because we were invited over and got on well with them this was when I was offered to try Eggnog for the first time. I tried it two different ways – one way on its own and another time with Jack Daniels added to it. I always thought I would never like Eggnog but i was actually pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Whilst its not something I would probably drink a lot of it was really nice and very different to what I was expecting.

I will say though nothing beats a good Hot Chocolate. At this time of year,  a lot of chains offer hot chocolates with all these fancy syrups and toppings but i prefer a good ole fashioned hot chocolate with marshmallows melting on top. It’s the best way to have it and a great winter warmer. When i go to cold countries at Christmas, such as Switzerland, I love having hot chocolate and it is at these times you feel like you really need a good ole fashioned warming up.

Even if Eggnog was more available in this country, I would still pick Hot Chocolate over it any day.

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