The Travel Book At Christmas – Inter-Railing Around Switzerland

Welcome to a few weeks of Christmas special versions of the travel book! I have been to a number of countries around Christmas so thought it would be fun to write about them in their festive entirety. Today we look at the place I loved spending time at Christmas – Switzerland.

Now when I write this I must point out now that when we went for Christmas, we didn’t stay in the same place for very long – in fact we spent the whole two and a half weeks inter-railing around the country and in total travelled over 2000 miles. Yes that sounds crazy I know but when we looked into going to the country we looked at the price of transport and the Swiss Pass travel card worked out to be really good value that we decided to actually plan our trip around the card and decide where to stay depending on what areas the trains went to frequently.

The plan was to stay in a completely different location a few days at a time so that we could spend a few days exploring that area in its entirety. A lot of our holiday was spent travelling but the one thing about the Swiss train network is that it goes through some of the most breathtaking scenery you have ever seen – especially in snowy weather. In that time we were in Switzerland we travelled to three different mountain ranges not to go skiing but to experience the journey up as well as the local towns at the top. You have never been on a train journey like it – on the edge of mountains, the most amazing forests and unique Christmas Decorations in all the little villages. Some of the trains that go up the mountains have windows in the roofs so you can really experience the views.

On this trip in 2014, I visited many areas of Switzerland and a lot of them were obviously covered in snow – here are a few places I highly recommend you make an effort to go to if you visit this country at this time of year:



This was one of my most favourite places to see in the snow it was the most picturesque place I have ever seen and is like something you see in a fairy tale / film. Interlaken in the snow is absolutely breathtaking it’s like being in a giant snow globe and is so beautifully peaceful. I highly recommend this place and it is a really high tourist attraction at this time of year and its not hard to see why.



The most amazing thing about Thun is the view of the mountains from the lake, there are many areas like this across Switzerland but none of them compare to the scenary of Thun. The city is like out of a fairy tale as well as it has a castle like structure in the hill which is a casino and a beautiful river running through its core.

St Moritz


The best thing about St Moritz was the train journey up to the mountain range – it takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see including beautiful thick woods, lots of mountains and travel across some amazing bridges. Even if you are not a skier this is most definitely worth your time.



This is another mountain range that has a phenomenal train journey. Out of all the mountain ranges we visited, this journey was outstanding because of how near the edge you go of very huge heights and really puts into perspective just how vast the landscape is in this wonderful country.

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