24 Days of Christmas – Christmas Travel

So throughout the month I have spoken time and time again about going away for Christmas but because I have spoken about that a lot I am instead going to take a different twist Christmas Travel.

Everyone has to do it, whether they are going home to see family or a holiday, this glorious time of the year is welcomed by many delays by the glorious public transport that means Christmas Travel can be, well, a nightmare.

All the years that we have travelled abroad we have been relatively lucky – when the volcano erupted in Iceland and was halting flights we were flying to America and luckily were not effected. When the UK had a massive snow storm, the people on flights the day before all got cancelled, we flew the day after to America with no issues.

There have been times when we have been effected by delays and this is usually on the return to the UK. The worst one to date was oh Madeira – because it’s an island it means that the wind can pick up and make it hard for planes to take off – this happened to us and we were put up in a hotel for an extra night. Sounds great right? Well the hotel we stayed in gave me a strand on Nora Virus which I didn’t realise until on the plane and I felt very sick on the way home and was the worst flight I have ever done.

We always get delayed now and again by an hour but nothing more – we have been really lucky on that part!

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