INTERVIEW / SHOW OF THE WEEK: The Parentheticals’ Bracket Racket Holiday Special

It is that time of the year when everyone is getting into the festive Chrsitmas Spirit and all comedy shows take on a jolly holiday twist. This weeks Show of the week is The Parentheticals’ Bracket Racket Holiday Special which is is at The Nursery Theatre on Tuesday 12th December at 8PM with free entry. I caught up with the troupe to find out more about it and to get in the festive spirit.

Tell us all about your Bracket Racket Holiday Special! 

Joe Colgan: It’s a multidenominational show. You’re as likely to see Jesus in a scene as you are a giant flying spaghetti monster.

Brendan Way: It’s like a regular Bracket Racket, but at The Nursery’s theatre on Finsbury Avenue.

Sean Toole: Close to Christmas, and not in the usual location! That’s like double the novelty.

Kate Oswald: We’ll have guest acts, Abandon Ship and Jack Left Town, who are other improv groups whom we love unconditionally. We’ll also do our quest format and host an audience jam where anyone can get up on stage and improvise with us. And then, because nothing matters unless someone wins, we make the audience vote for their favourite jam team.

How did this show come about?

JC: A long time ago, in a manger in Bethlehem…

BW: We’ve never had a Bracket Racket holiday show before! Last year we didn’t have a Bracket Racket in December – which wasn’t too sad as it meant our final gig of 2016 was Improv Fest Ireland in Dublin. This year though, we wanted to wrap up a great year with old friends and new.

Guillaume Desqueyroux: Brendan was desperate to see Santa. As he’s a good friend of mine, we have decided to have a proper party and I invited him, hence the show.

What’s the best thing about doing a holiday show? 

ST: People tend to be much happier.

BW: Funny jumpers are mandatory.

GD: Everybody’s ready to get pissed.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given about improv? 

GD: Don’t worry, be happy.

ST: Stop. Thinking.

JC: Don’t ever play Batman in a scene. It confuses people.

What’s some of the highlights of past shows you have done?

JC: The Camden Fringe shows were very special as was getting to perform at Improv Fest Ireland.

ST: Camden Fringe, for sure. The entire orc-based quest.

BW: April’s Bracket Racket was amazing. An old teammate joined us for our slot. Our ace pals Jack Left Town and The RH Experience were the guests. A few of our friends from Duck Duck Goose were in the jam. I remember leaving that show super loved and very grateful.

Nat Ruginis: I have hurt myself several times onstage and that makes me feel hardcore.

What does 2018 hold for you?

JC: Personally, Ryanair flights.

GD: I will break a leg… literally.

BW: We’re playing the Brighton Fringe!

Quickfire Christmas Edition:

Best Christmas present?

KO: In theory, it would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD seasons one to seven and I ask for it every year but for some reason no one ever gets it for me. Don’t ever tell me I don’t know the meaning of neglect.

GD: PlayStation when I was ten. Or when my brother offered two tickets to Mexico to my parents…

ST: Life-time warranty socks.

Mince pies or Christmas pudding?

JC: Bleurgh. Both burning on an open fire.

GD: None. They are pure poison from a continental point of view

KO: NEITHER. GET SOME ACTUAL GOOD DESSERTS YOU INSANE BRITISH CRAZY PEOPLE. Sorry, I’m calm now. But seriously, all of your “traditional” Christmas sweets are disgusting because they were probably invented during war rationing when people had to convince themselves powdered milk was edible. It’s time to let that go, okay? You don’t have to only eat things that can keep in the cupboard for 4 years anymore.  Chocolate + sugar, people.  Get on board.

ST: Mince pies, all year round.

Favourite Christmas Song?

GD: Crackling fire in a chimney.

BW: All I want for Christmas is You.

KO: Johnny Mathis’ entire Christmas album on repeat for the entire month of December.

ST: Driving Home for Christmas, because if you imagine the singer’s drunk then it just sounds like he’s drunk driving and slurring his words.

JC: Happy Birthday to me by Jesus.

Favourite Christmas Film?

KO: White Christmas.

GD: Gremlins.

JC: I love all renditions of A Christmas Carol, but Muppets’ Christmas Carol will always be the first one I stick on.

BW: Muppet Christmas Carol. Ohmygod, Joe, Mind Meld!

ST: Die Hard, obviously.

Name all of Santa’s reindeer

ST: Vixen, Blixen, Google Pixel, Liebowitz, Johnson, Mahoney, Denny, Sandy, Benny, Mandy, Kenny, Blandy.

BW: Gilead, Guillaume, Joe, Nat, Sean, Kate, Brendan, Chris, and Charles. Wait, that’s the current Parentheticals lineup. I’m always getting those two confused.

GD: Beckham, Thatcher, Guy Fawkes… and Rudolph.

KO: Flotsam, Jetsam, Flingdeer, Mordecai, Furtle, Jim, OshKoshBegosh and Tony Soprano. (THOSE. WERE. EIGHT. THINGS).

Who do you think would be the most difficult member of your troupe to buy for?

KO: Everyone but me (see above).

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