24 Days of Christmas – Christmas Traditions

I am not really someone who has a lot of Christmas traditions – I think this is because we go away most years that everything is different and that’s what i enjoy.

However there are little things I like to do as a little tradition – we are a family that start the day when we wake up opening presents – it’s always been like this – we used to keep half of them for the afternoon after dinner but because we go away so much now and they are silly presents we now do them all in the beginning.

One thing I do love doing at Christmas is the music and I do enjoy listening to it every year so I could say in some way that could Be classed as a “tradition”.

I think it’s great if you have a tradition and Christmas and that’s why I enjoy going away to different countries – to experience their traditions instead as they are all so different. In Seville we were woken up at 3am to a the sound of music and singing from a religious parade that was happening in town. In Chicago we were introduced to Egg Nog and sweet potatoes with maple syrup and marshmallows. It’s fascinating but at the same time – fun!

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