FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner Party – Justin Timberlake

So we now have our guests ready for the perfect dinner party and the food sorted it’s now it’s time to get the entertainment sorted. Now all the acts I have chosen are musical because you need to have some great music entertainment for a night full of dinner and great guests. There are only four and they are all there for a particular reason, we already have Neil Patrick Harris and Lady GaGa and Zachary Levi so lets see who the fourth and final musical act will be.

ACT 4 – Justin Timberlake

This was such a hard decisions for the last artist because there were so many artists that I wanted to put here but after a long decision (and when i say long its taken me nearly 3 weeks to decide!!) I have finally decided on Justin Timberlake.

He wasn’t my first choice but thinking about it, he would be a fantastic person to have as a performer at a dinner party because he can really put on a show. A few months ago I watched his tour that was on Netflix and was really impressed in his showmanship and the whole show as a whole. It was very impressive.

The great thing about Mr JT is that he can also take the mickey out of himself i mean just look at the stuff he does with both Jimmy Fallon and the Lonely Island. This is why I eventually chose Timberlake was because he could bring humour to the set and even maybe bring one of them with him as a comedy section.

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