The Travel Book at Christmas – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Welcome to a few weeks of Christmas special versions of the travel book! I have been to a number of countries around Christmas so thought it would be fun to write about them in their festive entirety – the first place I am going to talk to is one of my favourite cities on earth and also one of the most fun at Christmas – Chicago.

Chicago is cold. No let me rephrase that, Chicago is absolutely freezing in December – so cold in fact that it snapped my contact lens in half. The coldness is bitter and when we were there in 2011 it reached -8 and you couldn’t be outside for very long. The saddest thing that we saw in this weather was homeless people who wear cardboard boxes as shoes we bought them a soup and a pizza to warm them up.

Even though it can be very cold, Chicago is very Christmassy. The streets and the stores are decorated to the nines with lights, decorations and tinsel and the Bloomingdales there had the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen in my life!

One of my favourite places I went to was the Winter Wonder Fest on the Navy Pier it’s one of the most Christmassy rooms I have ever been in. Everything was Christmas themed from the bouncy castle made of candy canes to the ATM machine which was decorated like a snowy hut. There was Christmas rides for the family an entertainer and even a roller rink.

The rest of the city is lighted up with lights and Christmas decorations and everywhere you turn there will be unique mini displays – one of the shopping Malls had a huge train that drove through Christmas town that they had built.

Chicago is a fantastic place to feel the Christmas spirit but make sure you wrap up warm and take a very good jumper with you!

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