INTERVIEW: Jay Scott Corcoran

Jay Scott Corcoran, is not just one of our writers but he is also a talented comedian on the Oxford circuit. On the 2nd November, he is performing at Downstairs At the Kings Head. I sat down with Jay to find out more

Hello Jay! Tell us a little bit about your show?

I’m essentially an ‘observational’ comic, I’m extremely suspicious of Government and technology alike at present so Im finding a lot of my comedy is kind of sitting in the part of the Venn diagram were millennial wokeness meets stoner paranoia.

How did you get into stand up comedy?

I started thinking about doing stand-up in late 2016, I have always been a hoarder of DVD’s and tried to catch it as much as possible but was always otherwise engaged trying to be a rock star, The Oxford scene is very open and supportive at present so it was a great time to start

Who are your comedy inspirations and why?

Doug Stanhope is the guy that immediately springs to mind, Unspoiled by the mainstream, uncompromising, smart….I only hope to one day be that good whilst that drunk. Bill Burr, Louis, Frankie Boyle are all top 5 as well.

What are your favourite things about performing comedy to an audience and why?  The best thing for me about performing is how it immediately takes you out of yourself….A lot of people are scared by the idea of doing stand-up but I would highly recommend anyone who has any interest in doing it to jump on any opportunities you are presented with to give it a go. (If nothing else you will appreciate the next stand-up comedian you see live a hell of a lot more!)

I think the perception of stand-up comedians is that we are an outspoken attention seeking, extroverted bunch….and in terms of being attention seekers we largely are but I myself have suffered terribly with anxiety over the years and I know many comics who are currently working through similar issues and stand-up has really helped me to as I said earlier come out of myself weather its through writing or performing…It helps you to realize and express your own thoughts and feelings about the world in way that can be really healthy.

There are apps now that allow you to do stand up or comedy in virtual reality to real audiences – do you think this is going to have an effect on how comedy is performed in the future and why? 

I have seen this! I don’t know?…I think there has to be an audience, Stand-up is a two way dance between the performer and the audience and requires both to be present for the other to function. There is an art to adapting for the audience you have to learn as a stand-up, It makes us better comics. I think a Stand-up’s often plays the role of what Jung or Freud would call ‘The shadow’ like an unconscious aspect of the audiences personality brought to life, I can’t imagine Stand-Up existing without an audience.

Whats the best piece of advice you have been given about performing comedy? 

Find your own lane! Don’t concern yourself with what other people are doing or how you are perceived by other comics or promoters. Stick to you.

If anyone wants to find out any more about you or the show where can they visit?

Finally in three words why should people come to your show?

Because why not.

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