Travel vs the Comedian – The Last Leg Does Australia

What do you do when you have a successful comedy chat based show and the lead presenter is from Australia? Simple, you do a one off special where that said presenter takes his co-host to the country and make them experience all the crazy things that down under has to offer.

After the seventh successful season of the show, The Last Leg, the producers thought it was a great idea to get Adam Hills to take Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe on a trip of a lifetime to Australia, his home turf.

The show aired in a two part special in 2016, one part aring on 29th January and the second part on teh 5th of Feburary. The special sees the gang venture into the Australian Wilderness for the ultimate outback road trip. They encounter a variety of crazy things such as crocodiles in Darwin, feral pigs and really rough biker gangs.

The show also does focus on more serious subjects such as the racial tensions between the aboriginals and caucasians. It is a great show with a great bunch of content that is both entertaining and educational.

In true The Last Leg style, there are many things to laugh at along the way and the banter between the lead stars will make you wish the adventure was a lot longer then two episodes.

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