Punderstandably Take over – INTERVIEW – Holly Bartolo

On the 11th October, London based improv troupe, Punderstandably are performing their show Improv Towers, as part a show at The Miller, in London Bridge. To celebrate the troupes new line up and new show of the new season, we gave them a chance to do a bit of a troupe takeover so you can meet the new line up and find a bit more about them! Today we talk to our editor Holly!

Hi Holly!Tell us about yourself!

Well, as readers will know, I am the editor of this site and I do a lot of improv in may spare time. I also work in television as an editor.

How did you get into improv?

I had to move up north for my job and did it 50% to meet people and 50% to write as a feature for this site!

What’s your favourite type of improv you have done so far?

I enjoy short form the most because you can create lots of characters that are physical. However I have started doing musical improv and have completely fallen in love with it.

Who are some of your favourite improv acts and why?

Readers of this site will know Noise Next Door are a firm favourite. Recent heroes of improv for me include Jeff B Davis and Sukie Webster. I really love the Suggestibles and Ryan Styles as well.

Which comedians do you find inspiring and why?

James Acaster for quirkiness, Lee Evans for physicality and Jimmy Carr for how hardworking he is.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to do improv?

Even if you feel nervous go to a lesson – it’s good fun and even if you don’t want to perform, it’s a great way of meeting people.

Three words why people should see you at The Miller Launch Pad.

Crazy, silly, fun

Quick Fire Round

Answer with first answer comes to mind

Favourite film

Singin’ In The Rain

Favourite band

Mariana’s Trench

Best advice you have ever been given

Live everyday to the full

Best place you have been on holiday


Favourite colour

Periwinkle blue

Favourite song lyrics

I’m going to change you like a remix

Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix

(The name of this site was named after these lyrics! )

Favourite action hero

Captain America

Marmite love or hate?

In the middle don’t hate it but don’t love it just think it’s ok!

One thing you can’t live without 


Last book you read

Bigger then Hitler – Better then Jesus – Rik Mayall

Favourite website


Which actor would  play your part in your life story if it was a film?

Zoey Deschanel

Favourite alcoholic drink?


Where do you see yourself in 5years time ?

Hopefully living in America

See Pundestandably Improv, 11th October at The Miller Pub, London Bridge from 7pm 

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