The Games that Time Forgot – Shaq Fu, Mega Drive/ Genesis

This week we look at a game that got slated and also confused a lot of people by its name and celebrity endorsement. Today we look at the Mega Drive / Genesis game Shaq Fu.

Shaq Fu was released in October of 1994 and was a 2D fighting game. The game features former basketball player Shaq, and the story of the game is based around him walking into a dojo in Japan on his way to a charity basketball game. It leads to Shaq being sent to different dimension called the Second World to fight evil and to

Save a young boy.

The game was all about fighting and you had to beat a variety of components. The game had only a few songs that would repeat throughout.

The game is considered one of the worse games of all time however when it was first released on the Snes format it was praised for its ultra sharp controls and graphics.

The one thing critics didn’t understand was the relevance to Shaq and why he was associated with the game.

There is plans that were announced in 2014 that a follow up game is in the works called Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn however no plans yet as to when it will be released.

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