Travel vs the Comedian – Asian Provocateur

The most recent trend in the travel show is to attach a comedy to it and there are so many – some serious, some spoofs, some that are the dynamics of an actual scripted comedy and others because they were one big practical joke! Travel Thursdays have just got bigger as we are now adding a comedic spin on it where we are looking at the comedian versus the travel.

Back in 2015, the BBC ventured into the world of travel with a difference – they brought on a comedian to learn about a culture they originate from. Romesh Ranganathan, who a lot of people will be familiar with as he has appeared on television shows such Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You, was sent to Sri Lanka to learn all about the country where his parents come from.

In series one which aired from September saw Romesh explore a variety of different experiences through different members of the family. In this season he does everything from retrieving a traditional blessing which involved a chicken being rubbed on his head, fulfilling his mums long life dream and being lead astray by his by his Uncle Ragu.

In 2016 the show returned for a second series, this time he heads to the United State and Canada for some more adventures. It sees Romesh tour the deep south with his brother Dinesh, tour Mexico City with uncle Ragu and even go to Canada for a family reunion.

Here are a few clips of the show.

Snake Man

Lie Detector

A Day With Mum

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