The Games That Time Forgot – The Adventures of Lomax, Playstation 1 

​Today we look at a game that was created as a spin off from the ever popular strategy game, the Lemmings. This game gave the characters a bit more character and worked more like a platform game. Today we look at the Playstation one game, The Adventures of Lomax. 

The game was released in 1996 by Developer Psygnosis and it followed the hero character called Lomax, who was a Lemming Knight who had to go around the kingdom that he lives in and rescue fellow lemmings, who have been transformed into monsters by the enemy, “Evil Ed.” To rescue the lemmings you are equipped with a magic helmet. The game received a lot of positive reviews as it was entertaining and really good fun to play.

Whilst researching this game i went onto Youtube to watch the gameplay and the memories came flooding back with happy nostalgia. I cannot remember if we owned this game, I think we rented it on many occassions from Blockbuster, which was a thing we used to do a lot when i was a child.

I used to love this game for so many reasons, the first was the fun factor – it was just a really good fun side scrolling game. I think it was one of the first side scrolling games i ever played where you would go into the background  / the Z axis of the scene giving you that 3D effect – it used to amaze me and i used to think the graphics were amazing because it was so different. It has a catchy soundtrack and was just a very light hearted game to play.

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