Off the Record – The All-American Rejects 

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about – The All-American Rejects 

With a new album rumoured to be released soon and a new single released last month called Sweat its only right we look back at their other work.

Too Far Gone – All-American Rejects album 

This is one of the album tracks that you will listen to and walk away with the chorus humming in the back of your mind. It has some great guitar acoustics that intertwine in an out of the song as well.

My Paper Heart – The All-American Rejects 

This is the first song on the debut album and it’s one of those tracks that is a great opener. The use of chime instruments intertwine through the song and create a lovely melody.

Stab My Back – Move Along album

This is definitely one of those songs that is drenched in guitars and fantastic riffs. It has a catchy song to it and is one of those songs that once you have listened to it ocne, you will be sinign along to the song everytime you hear it.

Night Drive  – Move Along album

This is another great anthem based song and it has a really addictive chorus and musical melody to it. If you take a liking to this song, make sure to check out the acoustic version as its completely reinvented and also highly addictive.

Can’t Take It – Move Along album

This is a slow song with a melodic rythym again. It is one to definitely pay attention to on the Move Along album as it is very different and stands out from the crowd. It has a great chorus and verses to compile the song together.

Breakin’ – When The World Comes Down album

This is a really great album track, it has a fantastic gutiar strumming at the beginning and then fades into a catchy verse. The musical medlody is slightly similar to  Move Alonmg and it really has an undertone of the classic AAR sound.

Damn Girl – When The World Comes Down album

This song has a unique style to it and really highlights what the whole of the The World Comes Down album has as a sound. It has sad melodies with a punchy guitar riff, it is a great song with som elove lyrics too.

Somebodies Gone – Kids in the Street album

This is the opening song to the Kids in the Street album and in classic All American Rejects fashion, it is catchy and really welcomes you in a warm way to the album that lies ahead. It has the classic AAR vibe and will make any fan happy to be listening. If you are new to the band this song really highlights old riffs that are used throughout their music right from the beginning.

Affection – Kids in The Street album

This is one of the slowest songs on the list but also stands out a lot on the album due to the use of string instruments. The lyrics are powerful and the melody that intertwines in and out of the song create a beautiful song.

Walk Over Me – Kids in the Street album

This song is truly addictive and has such a fantastic guitar riff that it will become a firm favourite to anyone who hears it. It’s very different to other songs on the record as it relies on a heavier bassline but the mix of clever written lyrics and a catchy chorus melody will make you want to listen to this song over and over again.

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