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Welcome to a brand new feature  that is going to look at the comedy that is happening in the America! Every month we are going to look at the comedy Festivals  or events that are happening in the states and some of the comedians you Have to see if you have a chance to visit! So, we are going to start off this brand new strand of features by looking at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival. 

The Milwaukee Comedy Festival is set to run between the dates of the 1-6th August taking place in a number of different venues around the area including Lakefront Brewery, Shank Hall and The Underground Collaborative. There are many different ticket types available including single tickets, Special Event tickets and even an all access pass which are $50 and allow you to have an all access pass to the event!

The main headliner of the festival is Michael Ian Black who, if you don’t know him for his stand up comedy you will recognise him from the Netflix hit Comedy Wet Hot American Summer and MTVs The State. Michael also wrote and directed hit films such as Run Fat Boy Run and Wedding Daze. He is performing on Sunday the 6th August at 8pm at the Turner Hall Ballroom. We are very lucky to have an exclusive interview with his opening act John Egan, which you should keep an eye out for this week!

Apart from having such a great Headliner for the last day of the festival there is also so much more to go and see! Here are just some of the acts that you make and effort to see at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival.

Last Action Movie

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When: 5th August

Where: Underground Collaborative

Price: $15.00

If you are heading to the festival to watch some Improv then Last Action Movie is the headline act that you must go and see. This Long Form Improv troupe from Minneapolis, Minnesota are a high energy troupe which combine improv and stage combat together to provide you for one night only your very own Hollywood style action movie! The group are currently focussing on a style called the Heist which is based on old Hollywood films, but it is set to amaze and make you feel like you are in the movies for the night! The best thing about it? That Heist Film will be special specifically to your audience as every Heist is different and leads to new fun and exciting adventures!

Mat Alano-Martin, Keg Stand Up 

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When: 2nd August

Where: 7pm, Lakefront Brewery

Price: $7.00

In the last two years, the event Keg stand up has become a fantastic showcase of all things comedy and every month it hosts an array of local talent. At the Festival on the Wednesday it plays home to the headliner Mat Alano-Martin. Mat worked in the world of rock n roll music as a musician and a tour manager for ten years before becoming a comedian. He has a debut album called “Profiled as Such” and can be heard on the Sirius / XM Raw Dog Comedy Channel. He has worked with an array of notable acts including Patton Oslwalt. Mat brings his social  / political comedic style to the festival and if you are looking for a laugh then this is a show you must visit.

Live From LaCrosse

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When: 6th August

Where: 2pm, Underground Collaborative

Price: $15.00

If you are looking for a sketch comedy group to see at this years festival then Live From LaCrosse is a group that you need to see. Their roots originate from Improvisation and in this show the troupe called The Rescastable Cast, present to you a theatre based show that was inspired by Saturday Night Live! Expect contemporary politics, musical numbers and complete absurdity.