The Travel Book – Great Bird Island, Antigua

​Right in the heart of the Carribbean there is a small little island that is only just 20 acres in size which has a rich envrionment, beautiful views and a lovely excotic beach. The Island is called Great Bird Island and it is part of Antigua.

The island was named by sailors who found it fascinating as to how many birds lived in such a small place. It is also one of the only places on earth where you can see the Antiguan Racer Snake in the wild. The island is home to many endangered creatures that are on the edge of extinction – such as the lizard Ameiva griswoldi, brown pelicans. West Indian Whistling Ducks and Red billed tropicbirds.

If you happen to visit Antigua then you must find a boat to hire / trip to go on to visit this island as it really is a must see. When you approach the island you arrive on a beautiful mini paradise sandy beach which is surrounded by low lying trees, and beautiful crystal clear water. It relly is like being on your own paradise island.

You will see lizards walking around you left right and centre as well as trees growing lots of coconuts. To the side of the island there is a nature walk that willl lead you on a steep climb up the hill but don’t let the walk put you off, as the views you receive from the top are breathtaking and truly spectacular.


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