The Games That Time Forgot – Hotel Mario, CD-I

​If you are looking for a Mario game that time has hidden away and made the world forget about then this is the one that you are looking for, Mario Hotel for the Philips CD-I. The game was in the format of a puzzle video game where Mario must find and rescue Princess Toadstool by visiting 7 different hotels in the magic Kingdom.

The CD Rom game was published by Philips Interactive Media and Distributed by Nintendo in 1994. The hotels that Mario (or Luigi in the two player mode) has to visit are made up of 10 stages with the final hotel having 15 stages. To progress in the game you have to aim to shut every door in  each stage without running out of time.

The faster a stage is completed, the more points the player is given. When the player is trying to close all the doors they must avoid a number of different hazards including enemies such as Koopas and Boos. There are many power ups throughout the whole game which means that you gain special powers and rewards.

The game is known asone of the worst Mario game to ever be released due to the bugs that came with the game. There was little description of information as to why players had to do certain things throughout the levels as well as poor animation throughout. The cutscenes animation was considered poor and hard to watch. Whilst it received negative reviews such as “outright terrifying” ( it was also praised for its simplicity and addictiveness.

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