Yes And…Part 24 – Elis James and John Robins

​This week was another training session with Carleen and this time it was in a office environment shich whilst different to a lot of training areas it was really fun to work in a boardroom and you could imagine it being a great place for improv being performed in a meeting.

We started with a fast warm up game to do with numbers and repetitive  patterns but you have to make sure that you followed a number of different rules and if you failed to follow any of them you start singing “you suck” to the person in a jokey way.

We then played warm up scenes where we had to make sure that what people were saying mattered, they were all to resemeble some part of the word Organization. There were many different scenes in different locations that arose from this.

After we all played out two scenes each we then had to replay all the scenes but this time round go really heigh with the emotions. This was not just to increase the comedy effect but also it is a great way to find out where a scene is lacking and how it needs to be developed.

We then used the rest of the time to play the park bench game, this is a way of developing a first strand of a harold and making sure that the story is developing and has meaning and depth to the characters. The way of starting small and then slowly building up on each others thoughts and ideas makes a better scene and creates a good story for the audience.

I wasn’t sure about this idea at first but from playing it a few times i saw the effect that the exercise had on the scene and found it a very useful way to develop a scene naturally. IF you just strat talking to someome like you would in everyday life then something will build up and the crazy strands will appear.

Case Study – Elis James and John Robins

There is one duo i thought of when I started to think about a  case study for this weeks lesson and that was Elis James and John Robins. They host a weekly radio show on Radio X and when you compare them to the park bench game it works and is an influence in the same way.

Each week they talk about stories in their everyday life that has happened to them and at times they have clashing views or interesting stories that arise. This is similar to the park bench game because even when you talk about normal situations the opinions will arise and sometimes this will elad to an interesting scene.

You will always find with their talks that one of them will talk about something that will end up being different to a normal situation then you would usually experience and these “crazy” threads usually come from John Robins who usually lives inside a “shame well” and thats where the comedy and humour comes to the audience.

Again, the crazy is a fantastic thing that can come out in the strands of these park bench tales and can lead to another interesting scene in the next strand of a Harold.

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