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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Blazin’ Squad

This week we look at one of the first groups in the noughties that had not just three or four members but basically an army. They released quite a few successful songs and some of the group even formed another band when the original group disbanded. Today we look at the boy group, Blazin’ Squad.

In 2002, the group which consisted of ten members with names such as Kenzie, Freek, Flava and Tommy-B released their debut single Crossroads whicvh was a cover of Bone Thugs N Harmonys song. The version that Blazin’ Squad released was so different from the original as it contained hardly any of the original lyrics. The song was highly criticized by the press for the groups abilities to rap however the single did really well and reached number 1 in the charts as they had a lot of young fans.

Their debut album ‘In the Beginning’ was released in the up and coming months and did really well and even achieved gold status. There were two more singles released from the album called Love on the Line and another one called Reminisce/Where the story ends. Both of the songs reached the top ten in the UK Charts.

In 2003 the group returned with two more singles that made it into the top five in the charts. The first was called ‘We Just Be Dreamin’ which reached number 3 and then the catchy dance track ‘Flip Reverse’ which reached number 2. The single Flip Reverse was also used as the music when they relaunched Top of the Pops.

The group however started to see bleak endings – their new album, Now or Never did not do as well as their singles and only reached 36 in the UK chart.  After many times trying to revive the band with live DVD releases and extra tracks, the band could not raise album sales and sadly broke up. Today we look at the music that made them loved by the youth at the time.


Flip Reverse 

We just Be Dreamin

Love On The Line


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