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The Travel Book – Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear 

With Summer just around the corner, you may be trying to think of places to visit in the UK with a beach where you can relax, enjoy the sun and revel in the views. If you are heading to the North East of England anytime soon then you should consider checking out Whitley Bay, CullerCoats and Tynemouth.


Now, this may be more than one location that we are talking about this week but there is a reason for this – there is a beautiful walk between Whitley Bay and Tynemouth that goes through Cullercoats that is scenic and very beautiful and if you are looking for a nice summer walk then this is one that you yust not miss.


When you walk towards Cullercoats from Whitley Bay the coastline is rustic and looks like in some parts that you have walked into Scotland with its rugged coastline. On a good day when the tide is calm you can actually go rock pooling on some of the rocky areas (please make sure you are in a safe environment before doing anything). The cliffs in the distant create a beautiful scene en route and as you walk round some of the curved route it will open up more beauty around the corner and will be a welcomed surprise.

When you arrive in Cullercoats you will adore the quaint little village that it is with its beautiful curved sandy beach and its lovely little shops surrounding it. The old fashioned building on the beach for the RNLI really makes you fall in love with the cute vibe of this town. There is a nice cafe to have an ice cream or a coffee and also a fish and chip shop as well.

With the walk between Cullercoats and Tynemouth the coastline the area around you becomes more built up with homes but when you reach Tynemouth Beach the area becomes vast again with only a church right near the beach and the other tourist attractions such as crazy golf. Tynemouth beach is vast and wonderfully sandy, it’s a place where you can each fish and chips on the actual beach, watch the surfers do their thing and also watch families at play.  It is a dog friendly beach so expect there to be a lot of them running into the sea and digging holes in the sand.


There is a old victorian bathing pool that at the moment you cannot go in as it’s been covered and drowned in sand for many years but the local council are spending money to revive it so watch out in summers to come out you could be in it! The area has a lot of history and Stan Laurel spent his childhood growing up there. When you continue your walk into the town centre of Tynemouth you are welcomed by another beach this time surrounded by the high cliffs in which the famous ruins of Priory of Tynemouth sits.


When you enter the town of Tynemouth you will be welcomed by a lively atmosphere and fish and chips galore and it is also the home of one that is award winning called Marshalls. There are many variety of shops as well and if you go there on a sunday there is a massive market in the Metro Station!

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