The Games That Time Forgot: Krusty’s Fun House, Sega Mega Drive

Back in the nineties, if you had a gaming console you can guarantee that there was a Simpsons game on it and the Sega Mega Drive was no different.  The game Krusty’s Fun House was released in 1992 and was released on a number of different gaming consoles including the NES, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy and the Sega Mega Drive.

The game was originally released as Rat Trap on the commodore Amiga and was developed in the UK, the game was licensed through to American company Acclaim Entertainment who was creating loads of Simpson based games. The aim of the game was to guide Krusty the Clown through a number of puzzles where rats need to be exterminated in his fun house. The aim of the game was create a paths for the rats to follow so that they can be exterminated. Your path is blocked by various critters such as snakes and flying pigs. To defend himself, Krusty throws pies at the enemies. In each of the levels Krusty is joined by a member of the Simpson family.

The game received really positive reviews upon its release and was stated to be a really fun game to play. The game was aimed at younger audience members then adults but was noted for being good fun and a ‘solid game’.

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