Comedy Clicks – Til Death Us Do Part

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

Today we will be looking at a sitcom that ran for ten years between 1965 – 1975, Til Death Us Do Part


Opening Titles / Theme Tune

About the Show

Summary of Plot

A working-class Cockney bigot with a biased and expirienced opinion of everything shares them bluntly and almost carelessly..- IMDb

Number of Seasons / Episodes

8 seasons


Warren Mitchell – Alf Garnett

Anthony Booth – Mike Rawlins

Una Stubbs – Rita Rawlins

Dandy Nichols – Else Garnett



+ Left-wing writer Johnny Speight said he wrote the series as a critique on right-wing, working-class bigots such as Garnett. However, many viewers let Speight and Warren Mitchell know they agreed with the character’s views. Black comedian Lenny Henryargued that while the series was well-intentioned, having a central character such as Garnett spout prejudice on national television did actually provide fuel for racist bigotry in society.

+ Pilot episode was written as part of the BBC Comedy Playhouse series.

+ Nobody is sure how the show’s title was spelled on screen in the early episodes which are now lost. Some BBC sites refer to it as “Till Death Us Do Part”, some as “Til Death Us Do Part”, some also include the apostrophe at the start to make the first word the contraction of “Until”. Johnny Speight has used both spellings, “Till” and “Til” when he’s written about the series.

+ There is now a eight disc box set containing all episodes. All surviving episodes and audio of black and white in a separate disc. Includes a booklet.
Classic Clips

Drunken Else and Rita keep Alfe awake

Sex Before Marriage

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