Steps return to make pop great again! 

This has been a very exciting week for lovers of the 1990’s pop  music as it has been announced that one of the most iconic pop groups of the decade are reuniting for 2017 with a five six seven eight!

Now, if you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about none other then the pop group Steps who announced on Monday that they are reforming for their 20 year anniversary and are relesing a new album as well as touring UK stadiums near the end of the year.

The announcement of the reunion was made on Twitter and they also announced that their new album is set to be called Tears on the Dancefloor and is set to have a special track collaboration with Benny and Bjorn from the band Abba.

The band broke up in 2001 on Boxing day and since then various members of the group have tried to persue music careers as well as other stands in the world of the Entertainment Industry. They group will also be bringin another taste of the nineties on tour as they are being supported by none other then The Vengaboys who had hits with Boom Boom Boom, Shalala lala and We Like to Party.

So to celebrate the return of one of the UKs much loved pop groups, lets have a look at some of their music.

Its The way You Make Me Feel

Say Your Be Mine

Loves Got a Hold On My Heart 


Chain Reaction



Last Thing On My Mind

One For sorrow

After The Love Has gone


Better Best Forgotten

deeper Shade of Blue

You’ll Be Sorry

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