The Travel Book

The Travel Book -Durham, England


When you arrive into the train station of Durham the site that you get reminds you of a model village or the opening of a film as it is so quaint and really resembles what people think of when they imagine ‘old England’. As you walk off the train and down the hill you are delighted with a viewing point of the Cathedral which draws you in with its beauty and elegance as it reigns above the rest of the city on the top of a hill.

Durham is based in the North East of England, a fifteen minutes train journey south of Newcastle and a 3 hour train ride from London. It was founded in 995AD and since then has been used as the filming location for many Films and Television shows including Harry Potter, Billy Elliot, Alien 3, George Gently, Downton Abbey and Victoria.


When you walk over its beautiful bridges and walk through its old cobbled streets its not hard to see why production companies are using the location for filming. The high street offers a wide selection of markets, restaurants and shops that should accommodate everyones needs. If you walk to the top of the hill you will be face to face with the highlight of the whole city, the cathedral itself and this place you really need to visit inside and view the beauty of the architecture first hand.


Once you have spent time gawping at the beauty of the interior of Durham Cathedral, there are many places around the water and surroundings to explore – there are walks along the water that lead to really pretty sites to have a picnic or a quiet walk.

If you are there at the right time of year, there is a light Festival called Lumber that lights up the city and has amazing light installations planted around the city.


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