FEATURE – time to refresh your music playlists…

Are you bored of listening to the same music on your Spotify account and want something a bit different or something completely new? Well, if you are like me, I listen to a lot of music. I am a Motion Graphics Designer and an Editor and when I have to create Graphic Heavy projects Spotify becomes my best friend. I will listen to lots of music to switch myself off from the world and to focus at the task at hand as usually the work is usually pretty labour intensive and to a fast deadline. This means i go through a lottttt of music.

I can listen to the same playlists over and over again, so much so that some songs i end up loving and others I end up hating with a passion. I have so many playlists – some genre based, others dated (eg. 2017 mix) others based around a certain artist, albums, random shuffles etc. Just like everything, when you start playing the same music you get bored as you tend to stay normally to bands that you know. love or like a few songs to – so how do you ‘freshen things up?’

There is the radio option, this is all the music that is available on Spotify on the certain genres or relevance to what you actually listen to already. Whilst I have used this option before in the past, I do find sometimes that I am just not in the mood for the music that is on the radios and find that sometimes it is like a needle in a haystack to find songs that you like and are not constantly skipping. So, I have come up with another way of discovering new music, which probably isn’t a new thing and I am sure a lot of people of it already but if you don’t – welcome to another way to find new music on Spotify.

I first start by opening a random playlist or thinking of a random artist that i sort of like. If it is a playlist of random music I will just randomly pick an artist and go to their profile and choose a random song off it. If it is a band that you listen to a lot then this may not work as well, if it is an artist that you like one or two songs of this could work pretty well. The idea is to choose a song that you haven’t heard from them before, or if you have heard all their songs choose a song that you have heard the least and add it to a new playlist.

The next part is the way that you start to discover new music – go to the related artist tab and click on an artist that you haven’t heard of or one that you don’t really listen to and do the same on their page. Keep this routine up – going to the related artists and clicking through to one and you will not only have a mixed playlist of new music that is in the relative field of music that you like, it will also open your eyes up to new music that you may or may not like. Now sometimes, the related artists end up being the same for a lot of the same artists. For example, this week I got stuck in a circle with bands such as Bouncing Souls, No Use For A Name and Motion City Soundtrack that I ended up using all the options and had to start again.

Now whilst this may become a tedious way of discovering new music, you may also like it as a new way of discovering or rediscovering bands you forgot about. Sometimes bands are forgotten in the radios as they focus on the now and not on the bands of the past. Again, this way isn’t for everyone but if you are looking for new music it might just be a way to mix up your Spotify listening patterns.

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