FEATURE: Why you should be watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This may be a show that you have or haven’t heard of but it is one that you should start taking notice of. The television show Crazy Ex Girlfriend has been delighting audiences of The CW in America and Netflix in the UK for two seasons now and has just been renewed for a third season which is rumoured to be released this year.

Whilst the show is based around the concept of relationships and love, it is so much more. The main story is based around the character Rebecca Bunch who is living in New York as a Lawyer and is unhappy with her life and bumps into her ex-boyfriend she had when she was 15 years old and takes it as a sign that he will bring her the happiness she needs and follows him to the West side of America to West Covina. The story follows the adventures of Rebecca settling into the town as well as trying to fight for the love of her ex-boyfriend.

Now this is not like any show you have seen before, it is part comedy, part musical and I suppose you could say as well it is part romance. The show is very quirky and takes a while to adjust to it however, whilst its unique it also is standing out of the crowd and is fighting against its competitors to keep getting renewed because of this. This isn’t the next Glee, oh no, thee songs that are on this show are both comical and give comedy acts such as Lonely Island a run for their money.

Whilst the music and songs are used to provide the mind set / imagination of Rebecca it is also a great part of the show that really reflects the rollercoaster rides of any relationship as well as highlighting important factors of the show.

This show is a very important one for this modern day age, it dares to be different and produce the music that you wouldn’t expect to hear in a show like this that sometimes catches you off guard and makes you pretty shocked there is even a song about that topic. (for example, Period Sex..)

This show is this generations inspiration power ballad, whilst it has music throughout, the story that is intertwined in between the musical melodies is something that really needs to be appreciated. Its not your average rom com its more about the way that love is messy, its not always straight forward and even when you think you know who the one is and stars are shining brightly left right and centre, there can a massive hole that collapses below your feet that changes the direction of your life completely without you realising. Its got strong female characters and with the unique music styles it really portrays women in a way that is different to the norm, a way that guys may not be used to and a style that is familiar to many females.

The first time you watch the show you may think of it as wacky and will spend a lot of your time waiting for the next song to appear and trying to take in everything that is happening, however if you watch the show the second time round you will see the show in a different light and it will be something that will make you realise it is not as out there as you originally thought. It relates to every girl out there who has fallen for a guy and had issues along the way and maybe even not get the response you want. Its about the obstacles that get in the way, the friends you make and the heartache you suffer.

This show is so much more then a comedy with random music, it has a lot of depth and meaning and if you look at the cinematography and the mis-en-scene behind the whole show, there is a lot of meaning and depth that relates to a lot of people both men and woman and thats why its so popular and not slowing down along the way.


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