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The Travel Book – Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Right on the top of England, there is a little town just on the edge of Scotland which is a wonderful place to go walking if you want a day by the sea and want to see some really picturesque views, and that place is Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

The train journey from both the Edinburgh station and going Northwards from Newcastle are both very picturesque and both welcome you with beautiful rustic views of the coastline. The Viaducts of the main bridge that the train goes over from the Newcastle direction are outstanding and when you get off the train, choose to walk down the park hill to the right to go and see the bridge in all it’s height and glory as you will never see one are big or as beautiful as this one.

Whilst the town centre has a nice variation of shops (few and far between on nice rustic cafes for lunch) It’s the walks on the out skirts of town that really make this place a really magical one to visit. There is a walk around then beach areas of town which follow the Lowry paintings, tourist information boards with paintings on them to show which art was based on that particular area and there are a lot of them to look out for that it will keep you walking and exploring for ages.

The artist paintings will lead you all the way up and around the beach and small little village on the opposite side of the water to the centre, to the other side of the town centre where there is a lot of history in regards to the mounds that have a lot of history to them. There is a lot of history to the whole area and has so much to see in regards to war history as well as artistic portrayals.

As well as walking all the way around the town to see the outskirts and the beautiful sights, keep an eye out on the wildlife as well as their will be some great birds to look out for,and if you have binoculars keep an eye on the seas as well. If you go to some of the grass land and the mounds keep an eye out for fast, low flying swifts as they love those areas in the sun and go crazy for the bugs that sometimes members of the public have to dodge out of the way of their crazy fast turning. If you are looking for a fun day out in the North of England, then this really is a place for you.

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