Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! This Week -Upside Down

Back in the nineties before shows such as Pop Idol and the X Factor, there was a band that was manufactured for an audience and that band was Upside Down.

The boyband was manufactured and created for a BBC Television Documentary in 1993 that looked at how boybands were created. The group was made up of Chris Leng, Giles Kristian, Jamie Browne and Richard Micallef.

The group were formed by an independent record label that had everything laying on the success of the band. Sadly the production company gained bankruptcy after only four singles so the band had to finish. However, the group re formed under the name Orange Orange but also ended up failing. Band member Giles Kristian walked away from the music industry to become a successful author of historical fiction.

So lets have a look at some of their singles this afternoon.

Change Your Mind

Everytime I fall In Love

Never Found A Love Like This Before 

If You Leave Me Now


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