The Music Guide – Fearless Vampire Killers

Last Month the band announced to its fan base that it was going to break up due to the fact that the lead vocalist Kier Kemp announced he was leaving the band. This week they announced that they will play one last show in London on the 30th October at The Underworld in Camden with the support from ZOAX and Ashestoangels and the tickets went on sale on Friday.


Fearless Vampire Killers (also known as FVK) are a five piece English theatrical alternative rock band from Beccles in Suffolk and formed in 2008. Their debut album called Militia was released in 2012  and in 2014 they were the opening act for the Black Veil Brides tour and have also supported bands such as Aiden as well.  Their second album was called Unbreakable Hearts and was released in 2014. So to say farewell to this band, lets have a look at their back catalogue of music.



Feel Alive


Neon In The Dance Halls

Like Bruises

All Hallows Evil

Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign

Could We Burn, Darling?





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