The Improv Diaries – Part 2 – The Tenderloins

Whatever the scenario just say – yes! The one main thing i learnt from my first lesson of Improv this week. Nothing is too crazy, nothing is too insane, whatever scenario you are put into just say one simple word, that has 3 letters – Y E S. Although sometimes, it’s really hard to put yourself into a situation and not respond negatively. A great example of this was when we started to learn the basic dynamics of improv, i was put into a situation where  I was thinking naturally in my head that the humour would come from the negative and completely forgot the basic principles of improv.

I really enjoyed my first week of learning Improv, the group are being trained by two of the members of the biggest improv group in the North, The Suggestibles and being taught by such experienced improvers is a great honour and i think it def makes a big difference in how you learn. Starting by playing simple games that I know my fellow actor friends have done to warm up and to learn their fellow cast mates and it really helps you feel more relaxed around people too.

Like I said, the most important word in Improv is yes, because sometimes the worst situations can sometimes be the ultimate funniest. When you look at the next Improv group I am going to talk about you will realise that this concept really helps but takes that idea to a whole new level.

The Tenderloins AKA The Impractical Jokers

The Tederloins

The Tederloins

Before we go any further, let me explain the process that happened with this group and when i started to like them

  1. ergh what is Impractical Jokers and why is it  always advertised in between friends
  2. ERgh that show is on i am switching over, i thought it may be friends
  3. oh whats this show we are watching at your house friend A? Its impractical Jokers – (end up laughing at it)
  4. Start to slowly watch episodes of the show and each episode end up with ribs aching
  5. Decide to have an Impractical Jokers marathon and walk away with ribs aching
  6. Introduce myself to the podcasts for the blog
  7. Binge listen to all the Tenderloin podcasts then miss the podcast
  8. Go back to watching the show on catch up even when i have seen the episode loads.

NO joke, that is the way I got into The Tenderloins – i went from hating them, to watching them at a friends house to be polite, to having completely aching ribs from laughing so much to listening to the podcast in one batch as you are interested in the background of the troupe.


The Impractical Jokers television show when you first watch it, it really is just a group of life long friends playing jokes on each other, but when you start looking at the guys behind the show you realise its a lot more then just walking up to someone in the street and making an idiot of themselves, they use Improv and the skills they learnt from it with their troupe, The Tenderloins to put the same concepts towards real life. Look at the craziness that they get themselves into, every idea and every plan always starts with one word – Yes, we can do this we can make an idiot out of ourselves….unless it gets too crazy then the guys back down but it really is just like a big game of improv, and when you look at the concept of that show in that bigger frame of mind then just – jokes on each other, you have a lot of respect for the work that goes on and also appreciate how clever the show actually is.

Now, unlike The Noise Next Door, that I spoke about last week, The Tenderloins do have very different characters and it is easy to like one more then the other in the group. the main reason for this is really the concept of the show that they are in direct competition with each other. If you listen to their podcasts, you can see the friendship and this may not be the case they just can have disagreements like most people who are friends for a long time. However for me there are two of the group that I prefer, not that i dislike the other two, no i thin they are great but there is something that these two have that were the reason i stayed watching the show and also started to become more interested in the group – Murr and Joe.

Joe was the first one of the group that i started to really admire because he does anything that is thrown at him pretty much, and even though his way of getting things done is shouting it makes him approachable by the members of the public. The reason that Murr was the second member of the group that got me interested in the gang was because even though he says he does but never really has a plan, it never really works out for him and this is one thing that in Improv you have to get used to and whatever silly situation you get yourself into you should just take it with the flow.

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