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A Little Thing Called Music – Music Videos of the mind…

I am a dreamer, i think thats what you call someone who when they can walk down the street and just get lost in their music. I tend to do this a lot, especially if it is a song that i really love I can come up with a concept for a music video pretty much straight away and when i am in music video creative mood when i walk down the street i am on a different planet coming up with a whole concept for a video. There are many of them that i have come up with and when a music video is created for a song that i have come up with this imaginary idea it can sometimes be depressing to see what they have created for it when i have gone to an insane imaginary land and come up with a huge out of this world budget video!

Anyway here are a few songs that i came up with videos for! Enjoy!

Backstreet Boys – Siberia

There is a wooden based house in the middle of a sandy and grassy desert like area, when the song starts the camera slowly pans into the house and sees Brian near the stairs singing his lines and when he does the image changes from a grey sepia colour to a distant image of him and his girlfriend breaking up and then eventually fades back into the room that brian is in on his own. When the chorus comes on the other guys appear in different rooms of the house. The next verse it focusses on AJ standing alone in a bedroom looking in a mirror which has images of his relationship with the girl that he just broke up with. Nick then appears in the chorus and he is in another room and Kevin is outside in the desert like area. In the last verse it goes to Kevin outside in a dark and thundery garden singing in a black jacket and kneeling down with his hands to his head pointing when the lyrics say in my head.  It then goes back to Brian on the hallway reading a note and holding it in his hand when it goes to AJs high part it then goes to a high shot slowly panning downwards to the bed that he is now laying on with part of a dark brown duvet on him and the bits that are on show are skin like his torso and his singing the high notes whilst blossom like flowers fall slowly onto him connoting the end of a relationship. The rest of the shots are of the other band members in the other rooms looking sad with different images of their relationships fading in and out in a ghost like mode.

Panic! At The Disco – Nicotine

It starts when the piano is playing entertaining into a graveyard and when the drum kicks in the camera pans in slowly to the house going through room to room and landing on a coffin that slowly opens when Brendan starts to sing and he slowly walks out of ti and walks towards the camera to the drum beat with various monsters such as frankensteins, ghouls and other zombie like characters waking behind him when it gets to the bridge he starts to dance with a zombie and when it goes to the word you he stops moving and moves backwards as it is like he is on a treadmill then the dancing starts whn the chorus kicks in the ensemble starts a dance when the background behind them moves away and the scene chages to a different scenario, the monsters are gone and the scene changes to a romantic scene in a film where the lead love interest is leaving her boyfriend in a 1940s type film then the scene on the bridge changes to a 1950s diner and everyone start dancing again.  When the music dies it then turns to a close up to brendan as he cuts the rope that he is a part of as a puppet and when the chorus kicks in he drops from the ceiling into another scene a bot like something you would see in Moulin Rouge.

Tom Delonge – Animals 

Whenever I hear this song I imagine it to be part of a musical where one of the lead guys in it is lusting after the girl he desires to be with with magic and mystic involved. 

The guitars at the beginning i imagine a darkly lit room with a dance floor in the middle and a balcony with arch ways circling it. On the dance like floor there is a girl who you cannot see her face but she is dancing / in her own world and you are seeing the perspective of what the guy can see from the top balcony. when the guitar kicks in the camera pans to reveal a close up of his face looking down at the girl below him with love and lust look in his eye, slowly walking round the circular balcony. Toms voice comes from the man the first verse he is slowly walking and you watch him looking at the girl. When the chorus comes on he turns with his back against the wall holding his chest where his heart is and it lights up and he slowly faces back to the girl dancing and his eyes start to slowly light up red as he starts to walk down stairs to the girl below him looking more devious and evil and is soon on the same floor as the woman and when the chorus comes back in he moves his hand slowly and her movements start to follow every thing he does like he has her under a spell. he walks up towards her and stands behind her, not touching her but slowly doing a tango like dance with her with no touching involved. When the chorus hits back in there is the first sort of dancing where he holds her and lifts her by the end of the song when they nearly kiss he backs away from her slowly and releases her from the spell as he steps back into the shadow.

Olly Murs – A Million More Years

I imagine this one also like a film but the ending song of a theatre musical romance. In this video i imagine that olly has just seen the love of his life marry / be with someone else and he doesnt know how to cope with it..

When the piano starts the lead comes onto the stage in the light of the lamps in the high street. there is a few buildings all closed as it the middle of the night and a few street lights, like something out of Singin in the rain and a bench as well.  When the first chorus happens the lead looks really sad and emotional but when the chorus comes on they start to look a bit more hopeful looking up to the light of the street lights. When the second verse hits on they start to walk down the high street slowly doing actions and dances to the lyrics. When the chorus comes on this time he runs forward a bit and looks happy to be looking forwrd to the future and starts to dance to the music until it gets to a head with the musical interlude as they realise they are not over the heartbreak and when he sings you know i’ll wait his arm is point outwards in emotion. When the line i am findig it hard cmoes on behind him is the girl that he thought he had lost forever singing / miming the words and he slowly turns round to realise she is standing there and when the line hits and its never going to let me go is when they both run towards each other in the rain and Olly picks the girl up and when finishes the big note the girl is standing in front of him and when he sings in another lifetime they are holding each others hands and spinning slowly in a circle and when the song is coming to a head they move slowly towards each other ready to kiss and the curtains close.

Next Week – Music with Emotions  

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